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Move, Nourish and Mind

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“Rachel, Jordan is doing great. We have all commented on how she has taken control after a difficult summer. She has gotten back on track.. She did pretty good in school and has also gotten back into soccer. We are all so happy how she has turned the corner. She's continued using the tools she developed with you. Thanks again for being part of the village that helped Jordan during a very difficult time in her life.” Lamonte A


"What started as a simple stress management activity has turned into a lifestyle approach to manage energy, both personally and professionally. I now power through what used to be exhausting work week, have found a healthier way to work through migraines, and am learning how to manage my energy to improve relationships at work as well as home. My experience in Meditation Training has been life changing as I didn’t just find a way to manage stress, I’ve found a way to manage life.” Russell R. - Clorox Corp. Executive

Hi! I'm Rachel Moncayo.

Welcome to my school. I've been teaching Energy Management through Mindfulness, Nutrition and Yoga to students privately/'one on one' since 2014 and its been so gratifying to partake in their personal healing and journeys to transformation. In response to client persuasion, I designed my first online course - a self-guided version of my private student Mindfulness program and am excited to share it with you here. 20 years of study, experience and passion are poured into this labor of love. Holistic Wellness is a lifestyle venture for me, which is why I created Move-Nourish-Mind ® : a concept and structure to empower you with vibrant well-being. Online courses alongside personalized one on one coaching is how I share the power of this wellness concept. I have trained extensively in Mindfulness to include a balance of science-based and spiritual programs. I'm MBSR trained, a graduate of Karin Kabbalah Process of Awakening Mindfulness Path-Working Program and trained under Dr. Joe Dispenza Encephalon Intensive, Progressive and Advanced Meditation. I obtained my Yoga certification through YogaWorks: a globally recognized Yoga Alliance 5-Star accredited training school. I've also completed 19 hour Essential Yoga Anatomy, with renowned Jason Crandell and orthopedic surgeon Paul B. Roache, MD. Among other functional exercise and mind/body modalities - I'm TRX certified, Egoscue Method trained, Metabolic Typing Nutrition Trained and Reiki Level 1 certified. Learn more about my offerings at: